How To Winterize Your Roof

Roof in WinterAs the cooler weather begins to creep in, make sure your roof is protected against the wintertime months. Bracing your roof for the cold can help it last longer while decreasing your energy bills. Winterize your roof early to catch any problems before the cold arrives.

Check and Repair Your Shingles

Before the cold hits full force, check your roof for loose or missing shingles. Some of these repairs can be made on your own with roof cement while others should be completed by a professional. If you aren’t sure, call us at 281-723-3724 and we’ll be glad to help answer your questions.

Inspect and Repair Flashpoints and Caulking

Check all of the flashings around your chimneys, vents, and other roof structures for separation. Also, check and replace any worn, crinkled, or missing caulking to ensure a complete seal. Flashing and caulking repair can help keep heat inside your home lowering your energy bill.

Tree Related Maintenance

Your large trees pose a huge danger to your roof. Help ensure that they won’t come in contact by trimming your limbs short enough that they don’t hang over the roof. This will help protect your roofing system from breaking limbs due to high wind or snow and ice buildup. Clean your gutter well to help the water runoff from snow and ice melting leaves your roof and not cause water damage, mold, or rot.

Winter weather doesn’t have to be hard on your roof if you winterize it with a few simple maintenance tasks. Don’t let your roof fall victim to the winter conditions. Call Great Built Roofing at 281-723-3724 today to schedule your winterizing and maintenance appointment today.