Window Replacement in The Woodlands, TX

replacement windows

New windows increase your property value and make your home a more secure, livable space.

At Great Built Roofing and Construction, our expertise extends to the installation of replacement windows for your home or business. In all likelihood, you don’t devote a lot of concern to your windows. As portals to the outside world, however, windows play a significant function for your home. If you notice that your windows have become drafty, foggy, difficult to open, or rotten around the frame, consider new windows from Great Built Roofing and Construction.

New windows come with plenty of benefits. They provide consistent temperature regulation, and save you money on your monthly energy bills. Updated windows can also make your home more attractive and help secure against burglary. If you find yourself interested in replacement windows in The Woodlands, TX, contact us today at 281-723-3724.

The Benefits of Replacement Windows

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, new windows come with many benefits to your home and pocketbook.

replacement windows

Our skilled team can quickly and expertly replace your windows.

Save Money Now and Later: In terms of money saved on monthly bills, new windows can provide one of the most effective home improvement investments. If your house has older, single-pane windows, you likely lose upwards of 30 percent of your home’s heat. Newer, energy efficient windows get designed to keep heat in or out, dependent on the season. Double or triple-pane windows get filled with gas to further regulate the temperature inside your home, which reduces the amount of work on your HVAC. Immediate savings will appear on your monthly bills, while long-term savings appear in regards to less upkeep on your HVAC.

Increase to Home Value: New windows can offer a return on investment of up to 73 percent. This means that if you install new windows and sell your home the next day, the windows themselves would recoup 73 percent of their own value. Of course, if you stay in the house, you get the pleasure of your updated windows along with the increased property value. Replacement windows make your home more attractive, increase its curb appeal, and create long-lasting value.

Greater Comfort in Your Home: Everyone deserves the utmost comfort within the walls of their own home. New windows can make your home more comfortable not just through the regulation of temperature, but also through the filtering of harmful UV radiation. This reduces damage to delicate furniture and rugs, and makes your home a more comfortable, livable space. Couple this with the benefits to noise reduction, improved views, and more natural light, and it’s clear that replacement windows simply make your home a more inviting place.

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Great Built Roofing and Construction stands as the local expert for replacement windows in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of new windows, or schedule time for a consultation, give us a call today at 281-723-3724.