Siding Installation in The Woodlands, TX

siding installation

New siding not only serves as an attractive upgrade — it also protects your home from damage.

At Great Built Roofing and Construction, our expertise extends to all areas of the exterior of your home. In addition to our premier roofing services, we offer siding installation to the same standards of excellence. Many homeowners ignore their siding until a problem requires extensive and costly repairs. Your siding provides a similarly indispensable function as your roof, however, as it protects your home from pests and damage from the elements.

A few warning signs can indicate that you may have a need for siding installation on the horizon. You’ll want to pay attention to these signs to protect your home, and trust our seasoned professionals with your new siding needs. If you have a new home that needs siding installation in The Woodlands, TX, trust us with the job. For inquiries or to schedule service, call us today at 281-723-3724.

Signs You Need New Siding Installation

Fresh Coats of Paint: A home that needs painting on a regular basis, once every five years or so, likely has a problem with its siding. Most types of siding should hold their color for eight to 10 years or more. If your siding has begun to peel, chip, or crack, schedule an inspection with our team today.

siding installation

Damaged siding can allow moisture to enter your walls, and should get repaired quickly.

Increased Energy Bills: A sudden rise in your home’s heating or cooling bills can indicate a problem with your siding. Siding is meant to supplement insulation and prevent against the loss of heat or cool air. If you can safely rule out your roof as the source of the problem, you likely have siding that was either improperly installed or poorly insulated.

Rotting, Warping, Cracks: Each of these obvious signs of damage indicate that your siding needs, at the very least, repairs. If only one or two boards appear damaged, you can probably get away with repairs. If extensive sections of your siding appear compromised, schedule an inspection from our team. As a general rule of thumb, you should strive to inspect your siding after every major weather event for new signs of damage.

Peeling Paint or Wallpaper: You may not associate damage inside your home with faulty siding. However, siding that allows moisture to enter the walls can create visible problems indoors. If you have peeling paint or wallpaper and can safely rule out a water leak, the problem may lie with your siding.

Dry Rot: Extensive dry rot can necessitate the wholesale replacement of your home’s siding. Small patches of it, however, can generally get repaired without too much fuss. To test for dry rot, simply walk around your home with a screwdriver or other blunt object, and tap against the siding. A hollow sound serves as a surefire indicator of dry rot beneath the surface.

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