Pipe Boot and Vent Installation

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The various vents on your roof can provide an entry point for water.

When a roof gets rated for 15, 20, or 35 years, this number applies first and foremost to the roofing material itself. The shingles on your roof are undoubtedly important, and their durability and resistance to the elements could very well stand for 30 years. A roofing system is a conglomeration of many different parts, however. The weakest points are not the shingles, but the flashing, various vents, and pipe vent boots.

In particular, pipe vent boots can degrade in a matter of years. These rubber boots get placed over the ends of your plumbing vent pipes, and must remain sealed to prevent the entry of moisture and debris into your home. To schedule service on your roof’s vents or pipe vent boots in The Woodlands, TX , give Great Built Roofing and Construction a call today at 281-723-3724.

Drawbacks of Damaged Pipe Vent Boots

pipe vent boots

Our expert team of professional installers can both service and replace your existing vents.

As the most vulnerable part of your roofing system, pipe vent boots usually only last six to eight years. After that time, they tend to split and crack, allowing water to enter between the pipe vent and its seal.

Deteriorated sheathing: Depending on how much water enters, you could experience deteriorated sheathing. You sheathing provides the basis of your roofing materials, and lends stability to the entire house. A leak here can prove disastrous, especially it if persists unnoticed.

Water Stains: Once water has made its way through the sheathing, the next target becomes your ceilings. You could experience outright drips, or notice the formation of brown stains. At this point, water has begun to directly affect your living space.

Endangered Wall Framing: After it collects in the ceiling, water will eventually make its way into your walls. Wall rot can signal the death knell for a home, and can require immediate and extensive repairs.

To repair a damage pipe boot, the vent itself must first get removed to replace the nailing flange. At Great Built Roofing and Construction we can handle all repair needs for damaged vents or pipe boots.

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