Modified Bitumen Roof Installation

modified bitumen

The seams in this roofing get heat-welded for greater durability against water.

Modified bitumen roofing comes with plenty of advantages for a homeowner. At Great Built Roofing and Construction, we pride ourselves on the quality of our modified bitumen installation. This remarkable roofing material is reinforced with polyester or fiberglass matting, which increases the roof’s longevity and durability.

While there are different varieties, the two most popular get reinforced with either styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), or attactic polypropylene (APP). Each of these comes with relative benefits, though SBS roofing has become a more popular choice thanks to its expanded flexibility. To learn more about the installation of modified bitumen in The Woodlands, TX, give us a call today at 281-723-3724.

Modified Bitumen as a Smart Choice

bitumen roofing

Its manufacture in pre-cut sheets makes bitumen roofing a breeze to install.

Generally installed on homes with flat or low-slope roofs, modified bitumen comes with advantages over typical tar-and-gravel or built-up roofing.

Durability: The flexibility of modified bitumen stands as its primary advantage over other types of residential flat roofing. Tar and gravel roofing can crack as it absorbs years of punishment from temperature changes. Modified bitumen can expand and contract with greater ease, and can easily last for more than 20 years with proper installation.

Melted Seams: Though application methods can vary, a bitumen roof generally has its seams heat-welded for greater durability. Heat-welded seams increase the water resistance of this type of roofing, Flat roofing can become vulnerable to water damage at the seams, so the lack of seams with modified bitumen represent a significant benefit.

High Resistance: Bitumen’s long track record of use has proven its durability in the face of weather and temperature fluctuations. It also has a high rating against damage from wind, hail, or fire. Thanks to this high resistance, you do not need to worry about the roof absorbing damage during a storm or lightning strike. Certain brands of this roofing also have lengthy manufacturers’ warranties, which should reassure homeowners on the durability of their roofs.

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At Great Built Roofing, we offer professional installation and maintenance of modified bitumen in The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more about this alternative roofing for your low-slope or flat roof, give us a call today at 281-723-3724.