Gutter Repair and Replacement

gutter repair

Our trained professionals know how to render fast, comprehensive repairs on gutters.

At Great Built Roofing and Construction, we offer complete repair and replacement services for gutters. Many homeowners hardly spare their gutters a second thought. Once or twice a year, the ladder comes out of the garage, and the gutters get cleaned. Gutters provide an indispensable function, however, and serve as one of the most important components of a home.

Without gutters, your roof, foundation, and walls become vulnerable to rainfall. Gutters transport water away from the house and foundation, and prevent the prolonged contact with water that creates problems. Your roof, in particular, benefits from well-maintained gutters. If you need replacement or gutter repair in The Woodlands, TX, give us a call today at 281-723-3724.

Indicators You Need Gutter Repair

gutter repair

Aside from their utility, new gutters can also provide a decorative element.

When your gutters become damaged because of bad weather or age, Your home becomes vulnerable to the elements. The next time you do a visual inspection of your home, watch out for these signs. 

Cracks or Splits: In order for gutters to function properly, they must remain seamless. If even small cracks disrupt the flow of water, you have yourself a problem. Small cracks and splits will eventually widen to allow more water through. At this point, your fascia becomes vulnerable, along with the shingles above your gutters and your foundation below.

Peeling Paint or Rust: Gutters get painted with weather-resistant materials that ensure a long operating life. If you’ve begun to notice peeling paint or rust, then either your gutters have gotten old, or water has begun to negatively impact them. Either way, you will likely need to get the gutters replaced.

Pools of Water: Gutters should transport water well away from your house. If you’ve noticed that water has begun to pool alongside your foundation, or that mold has begun to grow, then your gutters have failed at the job. Whether the fault is age or improper installation, issues of standing water need to get addressed quickly.

Sagging Gutters: Gutters that have begun to sag or separate from the house need immediate repair. This typically happens because water has gotten stuck in the gutters. The excess weight pulls the gutters away from the house, which impedes their functionality. Whether the sag has resulted from a blockage. too much debris, or an improper install, separated gutters should receive the benefit of an expert’s analysis.

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At Great Built Roofing and Construction, we are your local experts for gutter repair in The Woodlands, TX. If it’s time to replace your gutters, or if you have a new house in need of a gutter system, give us a call today at 281-723-3724.