Benefits Of A Commercial Roof Restoration

When it comes to commercial roofs, they cover large expanses, are susceptible to many damages, and can fail early if they aren’t properly installed. If your commercial roof is aging, and showing signs of wear and tear, you may be dreading the costly replacement ahead. Luckily, you do have another option other than replacement! Today we will discuss commercial roof restorations, and the benefits you can expect.

Lower Costs

Roof Restoration

Are You Interested In A Commercial Roof Restoration?

One of the most prominent benefits to a roof restoration is that it is significantly less expensive than a traditional roof replacement. Roof restoration coatings can generally be applied directly over the old roof, as well. Because of this, you avoid the added time and expense of removing the old roof, and you do your part to put less waste in our local landfills.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Another benefit of roof restoration coatings, is that they are typically more energy efficient than a regular roof system. This helps your building maintain its temperature with less effort, and keeps your energy bills down. Sometimes you can even become eligible for tax breaks when you choose an energy efficient roofing system.

Extended Lifespan

To top it all off, an affordable roof restoration can extend the life of your roof by up to 10 years, and after those ten years, you can usually top it off with another roof coating to restore it again.

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